Thursday, February 4, 2016

lashes for days.

So lets be honest people, anyone that knows and loves me knows that I have this crazy obsession for lashes.. my husband will be the first to tell you that my lash drawer is beyond ridiculous but I can't leave my house without them.  If my lashes have not been done professionally (individual lashes) at my fave spot, Amazing Lash Studio, my go to lashes right now would have to be by Ardell (wispies-from Sallys), Lilly lashes by Lilly Ghalichi (the Miami lashes will be my next purchase) & Eylure London lashes (I don't order these online, I get them at Target).  I've recently gotten into the mink lashes and actually prefer these now because I get so much use out of them.  Below are some images of my favorite styles that I wear and some tips and tricks on how I clean and care for them!  Favorite quote of the day that my coworker sent to me.. "Friends don't let friends have lil lashes" ..YASSSS. 

miami lashes. $29 (also worn by kylie j- what a gorgeous face ugh)

I treat my lashes with TLC- I use a ceramic dish at home, put alcohol in it and submerge them until the glue & mascara begin to separate.  THATS IT!  Also, always put them back in the package that they came in to reshape them. :)

pretty doll faces.


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