Saturday, November 7, 2015

GIFT IDEA: customized bar necklace

Can't believe I haven't blogged in about 4 months!!!  My life has been nuts..but quick update!  I am in finals week right now for my masters  program- after this course, I have 4 classes left and then I'm DONE.  After school I will be focusing on what to do next as well as fashion related things.  I really want to jump back into styling and working on wardrobe consulting for working mamas as well as exploring different avenues at the behavioral healthcare company that I currently work for when the time comes.  Excited for the new year that is soon approaching!!!

In the mean time, now that it's officially sweet November, I am starting to look at fun little gift ideas.  This year, I have decided to do small gifts, nothing crazy since we are facing a lot of big changes in the new year- I'm in saving mode.  Good things come in small packages anyway right???

customized bar necklace.

I think these little name necklaces make the perfect gifts.. so personal and special!  I've had a name necklace for years and years every since SJP wore hers on Sex and the City as "Carrie" but I recently added another one to my jewelry collection (photo below).. this one is extremely special to me.. my daughter's name.  Had this custom made from a little boutique in New York called Jewelry Blues!  Find their shop on Etsy as well!

You can also do one for anniversary dates, couples or gift one for yourself.. why no at?!  I'm obsessed with bar necklaces this season.  I will probably have another one made with me and my husband's initials and our anniversary date!  Happy holiday shopping everyone!!!

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