Sunday, September 7, 2014


So I can't believe that I have neglected my blog for 2+ months!!!  I can't even begin to explain how crazy busy it has been around here ..BUT my new years resolution is going to be to try and keep up more with my blogging!!!

Fall is only a few weeks away and only a few days into NYFW!  This year has flown by way too fast.  As I am typing, its raining lets hope that the weather will begin to cool down so that we can all enjoy the gorgeous fall season (my favorite).  Today it was in the 80s ..not 100 deg..not complaining!!

Just browsing through Pinterest and I came across a post that I pinned on "8 Fall Essentials".  Loved it so I'm going to post my own interpretations of these fall essentials.  So fun!  xo.

Steve Madden Leopard Pony Fur-- I was so excited to see that these made the list, I actually have this exact pair, and though I haven't worn them yet, they are so comfortable and a huge wardrobe staple that will always be around years to come. $80
ZARA Metallic flats-- Ok, these are so incredibly cool.. I love how miss renaissance paired these adorable metallic flats by ZARA with her leather pants by J Brand.  Simply genius in my opinion for such a laid back, cool and sexy style.
Anthropologie Hat-- Of course this made the list!  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with my hats.  I rarely leave the house without one unless I'm having a ridiculously good hair day.  I love this photo because Anthropologie is known for a good hat..I need to grab a new one for the new season.. LOVE.
Motorcycle Leather Jacket-- YES.  I rely heavily on my leather jacket during fall/winter season.  To be honest, I can't really do much without it.. I am actually debating on whether to get my toddler her very own leather jacket.. she will definitely be getting a pea coat, but if I can find a leather jacket for her that I love, she may just have to have it!
Contrast Sleeves Leopard Print Coat-- I love this look!  Very chic.. reminds me of the ultra sophisticated girl in Paris on her lap top at a local café.  Fierce!
Suede Ankle Booties-- Obviously!!! No caption needed!
Side Zip Sweatshirt--  I loved that sweatshirts made the list because as a mom I live in these, so comfortable and warm.. throw on a good pair of skinnies (skinny jeans) with some chucks and your good to go to run errands around town.  Perfect to travel with too!
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Leather Tote -- YES, YES, YES!  Jewel tone handbag to add a simple pop of color to any outfit in the fall.  Classy ladies! $428 Nordstrom

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