Monday, September 15, 2014


YES.  I used the word "Autumn" like a proper British girl..

Yesterday was a nice relaxing Sunday.  Went to the shops at my favorite place in Austin, The Domain and began to shop and browse around for fall pieces for my baby girl.  Naturally, I fell in love with Zara and H&M of course because they always have THE most adorable pieces for the little ones.  Bring on the cooler weather, scarves, ballet flats and hot cocoa!  Count down to fall.. 8 days! xo.


You can shop these ADORABLE looks at ZARA.



A few of these items that I have posted above from ZARA and H&M, I bought for my little peanut!  LOVE.  These are my favorite go to stores for not just my baby, but myself and my husband too.  Also shop these looks at H&M.  HAPPY FALL SEASON!

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