Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hollywood It Girl- Emma Stone.

So I have been obsessing over Emma Stone lately.  Fashion Police crew was gushing over her last week during their "spring fever" episode and I couldn't agree more.  Her red carpet style is to die for and even off duty she manages to be effortlessly chic.  Her style is so unique and I stay on edge wondering what she's going to put together next for red carpet. Emma is definitely Blair Waldorf 5.0 for all of you Gossip Girl fans like me..when she gets fancy and dolled up.  When off camera, she tends to mix it up with a edgy, preppy, street chic style.  Very laid back and comfortable but super cute.  Typical outfit -skinny jeans, stripped tee and some sort of fun hat to top it off- love it.  I first fell in love with her when she starred in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' and after that, every photo of Emma Stone that would pop up on my Pinterest, I would immediately pin to my 'Starlet Style' board. Love her!!! Ps how gorgeous did she look at the Met ball this year?!!  Can I have her head to toe look please..she looked SO good!




    VOGUE May 2014.

    VOGUE May 2014.

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