Thursday, May 30, 2013

Revenge Style- Ashley Madekwe

I have such a girl crush on Ashley Madekwe who plays Ashley Davenport on one of my fave shows Revenge.  This gorgeous British/Nigerian fashion queen has such killer outfit choices that I am always dying to see what she will be wearing in the next scene on her show.  I love how funky and daring she is with her style, always opting to wear bright colors and fancy handbags.. her style choices are super chic and trendy.  I have been obsessed with her style blog for a while at  Ring My BellI also have to admit that I follow her on instagram (she is the only celeb I follow besides June Ambrose ha!) because she always has killer manicure pics and fabulous shoes and handbag posts. Adore her sense of style!


1 comment:

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