Friday, April 26, 2013

Stina's favorite things- spring season

As I was going through the new People Style Watch, with Ashley Greene gracing the cover, I got really excited and decided to take a few mins for myself to post about it! I love this time of year..the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the city of Austin.  It would be hard to live anywhere else, well...except maybe back in Europe again but I just love my city, super blessed to be living here.  #TGIF fashionistas :)

Below are some of my favorite things this season featured in the take on the trends:)

leopard moment w/pops of color
floor length maxi in bright color or basic black
nude wedge..this one is by Diane von Furstenberg one of my faves
"ID bracelets" by Marc Jacobs
thin gold knuckle rings
colored skinnies
black and white striped shorts
wrap watch by La Mer
"cat eye" sunnies by Christian Dior
lace lingerie by Lilly Wiggler Couture (very important ladies)
bedazzled, short stiletto nails in spring colors, love these
floral print clutch
chic, vibrant IPad covers, love this Tory Burch
"A woman who does not wear perfume has no future" -Coco Chanel
 find a flirty scent for favorite that I wear is Coco Chanel mademoiselle
turbans..very sexy and fun when you don't feel like doing your hair
nude blazer, fresh & sophisticated
white skinnies..thanks to Yolanda Foster, my fave Real housewife :)
colored leather jacket..this one is super cool
chain strap handbag in a vibrant hue #ZARA
all photos via pinterest.

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