Friday, August 19, 2011

8 Key Pieces: FALL.

After reading the new issue of InStyle Makeover with Rachel Bilson gracing the cover, I found it necessary to post the 8 key pieces for fall..I love it..capes, bright pants, loafer heels, printed maxis, smart pantsuits, boxy bags, color block tops and last but not least leather skirts(my favorite) if only the weather would get anxious for fall fashion.  TGIF + ready for a fun filled weekend! Ciao x


Military Cape- Topshop

Kim K in NYC
photo via celebbuzz


Bright Pants:

Polyester pants- H&M
 photo via thischicksgotstyle

Hayden Panettiere in NYC
photo via JustJared

Loafer Heels:

Aldo- Urquiza

Cheryl Cole

Printed Maxis:

top model Eva
photo via Fashion Bomb daily

s/n: Since I love throwing a leather jacket over everything in life, I would pair a maxi print with a leather jacket for an edgier look at night.  There are no rules!

Smart Pant Suits:

Halle look at her leopard handbag ..!?


Boxy bags:

I have this handbag from Zara  "Party Box" and I absolutely love it..practical for casual wear during the day but fancy enough for a night out in the city.
photo via Zara

Lauren Conrad w/ boxy CHANEL chain bag

Colorblock Tops:

Solonge wearing color block top w/ leopard heels

Leather Skirts:

photo via MTVStyle

Ashley Olsen

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