Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer makeup trends

Summer is officially here ladies..time for fashion lovers everywhere to not only have our clothing and accessories ready for summertime, but for our faces to be fresh and summer ready!  I came across a blog called Shine from Yahoo that gave a list of summer DOs for makeup..hope this helps..and make sure it works for YOU! =) 

TIPS for summer:

*Multi-shade eyes
*Bright orange or red lips
*Colored eyeliner
*Smudged smoky eye
*Shapely brows
*Eyelash extensions
*Glowing and luminous skin

multi-shade eyes
orange lip
Kelly Rowland w/ berry lip
models wearing colored it

When it comes to a smudged, smoky eye, eyelash extensions and perfectly, arched, shapely celeb comes to mind for me..Kim K!  Would you agree??  Love her makeup :)

Jessica Simpson, in my opinion, has the most flawless skin I've ever seen..and I have actually seen her in person so I stand by what I'm saying!  Think back to "The Newlyweds" whenever the camera crew would film her with no makeup on..she doesn't need it at all, gorgeous skin!

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