Thursday, May 26, 2011


Had THE most fabulous time in NY w/ my girls Nicole & Natasha..!!  Congrats to my dear friend Natasha..graduate from NYU with her Masters (performing arts) soooo proud of her.  Can't even stress how much I adore my friends!!!  Took great pics, ate delicious food..did some amazing shopping in the ave is always a favorite..and had a blast at various spots..night life is always nice in NY..always something to do..met tons of people...whenever I come to NY I don't want to that I am back in Texas, I will be planning my next trip before I begin classes for my Masters...YES, I'm going back to school part time..lets see how this goes!  Anyway off to Chicago w/ my boyfriend in excited because my friend will be getting married while we are out there 2hrs away and I will be there to watch the fairytale love story, I love weddings..Brionn+Mike, congrats you two!! So photos (from NY) to come once I'm all settled in..


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