Friday, March 18, 2011

TORY BURCH #lovessss

I will always be the type of individual that will CRINGE at the sight of other "fashion wannabes" who feel the need to broadcast what designer label they are wearing...i.e. GUCCI hats, "Louis Vuitton" sneakers...shirts that say "Dior" (can we say Cami from Laguna Beach season ....uhhhh 3??? ) but anyway...the thought of rockin' the Tory Burch emblem this spring/summer makes me smile....but lets not get carried away....I'm not crazy about the handbags for myself, but Tory Burch sandals/flats/clutches and their ss 11 collection are absolutely adorable to me..and super stylish.  Ever since Lauren Conrad was spotted wearing those ultra chic flats with her jean romper, they were an instant hit for Hills fans...(lets be honest...not many of you knew about Tory Burch before then, keepin it real!!! lol.)  I usually adore most things that include gold hardware...handbags, costume jewelry, shoes, ect..and Tory Burch is good at that!  Lets also talk about the color pallet for the line this beautiful..thinking vibrant, tropical, summer colors that make you want to go and book a trip to the Caribbean for a quick vacay.....Barbados!!  Fiji!!...just gorgeous.  [above...snap shot pic in my room..had to pick up a FEW items at Tory Burch for spring ...JOY.]



spring is near...

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