Friday, March 11, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend.

Nicole [or Nikki C as I call her] and I have known each other since we were the age of 10.  I met her in the 6th grade (advisory class to be exact) and we became the best of friends immediately.  We have changed quite a bit since our purple wind breaker pants and Winnie-the-Pooh diaper bag wearing, middle school days...(WHOOOOAH) she is really the one friend I would do anything sister.  Anyway, she decided to come down to Austin for her 26th birthday this year and we had SUCH an auuuuhmazing time!  From shopping to dinners, we were able to seriously catch up on best friend about our crazy schedules w/ these hectic careers of ours & really had tons of bonding time...not enough time, but I'm still grateful she was able to get away from the crazy, big city of Dallas, even if it was just for 5 days.  I took her to some of my fave spots in Austin, including Daily Grill for happy hour, NoRTH Italian restaurant && of course Nordstrom Rack for a little retail therapy...great deals & steals...she got a sexy pair of JOE'S skinny jeans & yes I had to snag me a pair of sassy Jessica Simpson peep toes...they zip in the back..SO fricken chic w/ gold tassels in the front that can unsnap!....overall, time spent w/ my best friend was absolutely FABULOUS...I wouldn't expect anything less from the two of us...we are SO looking forward to going back to the city of have NO idea..ready to shop, relax, enjoy the night life & EAT good food...psssssst. pictured to the left was Nic's bday dessert...butterfinger creme brulee from DELISH.

showing off her bday gift- Christian DIOR sunglasses :)
blazer/Arden b
jeans/ True Religion skinnies
top/ Ella Moss
ring/Mark.  necklace/Strut
leaf cuff/ 4ever21
sunnies/ Jackie O Christian DIORs
peep toes/ Jessica Simpson
clutch/ LUXE my best friend, my sister...Thank you for always being nothing LESS than an amazing friend to me..throughout all these years you have yet to let me know what loyalty is, you know what being trustworthy is, you know what being a best friend is all about.  I'm not one to be emotional BUT there is a reason you will be my maid of honor one day when I finally tie the deserve all the happiness in the world.  To 10+ MORE years of friendship!!! I love you Nic.

xo stina

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