Wednesday, February 2, 2011


WELL........not yet, but since my birthday is officially 2 months away, I'm starting to have different ideas pop into my head of how I want to celebrate !  Looks like I will be celebrating in Dallas and San Antonio this year.  A road trip up to Dallas (Apr 16) to shop, eat well & look fabulous is on my list of plans...San Antonio will be a celebration with my boyfriend and family...probably dinner, movie...just something low key & fun, not requiring a lot of thought.

Dallas has INTERMIX which is what I need in my life right about just doesn't feel as good!  They also have the lounge that I will celebrate at called Loft 610 and the hotel that we will be staying at which is up the street from my best friend's (Nicole) place.  Pretty exciting.  Most of all, I can't wait to see Nicole to introduce her to my Austin friends.  I know they will all hit it off just great!  Overall, this will be a fun, fabulous, fashionable weekend.  Apparently you have to dress super nice for Loft 610 or they won't let you worries though because my friends and I are always dressed to the 9....even for a little shopping day trip ;)  2 snap shots below of what to expect...very nice.

Loft 610

Hotel Nylo

Next thing on my list of 'to do's' will be figuring out what I want my look to be for my birthday...decisions, decisions...but I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out..and it will be fierce.  No doubt. 

Anyway- time to get myself together...I have laundry to do, need to get my place together and tidy up a bit, then get ready for a friend of mine to come over this evening.  I have some appetizers and little dessert bites for me & Dest to munch on while we chat and catch up w/ good wine.  

stay warm bunnies.

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