Monday, February 21, 2011


It stinks that it has been a WEEK since I've been able to blog last...but I feel like these days I don't even have a spare moment to myself!!  I have about 4 magazines that I have not been able to fully crack open (VOGUE/ELLE collecting dust) and I've literally been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!  I have a photo shoot coming up this thursday so I will be preparing for that with Nat and I do have some other stuff going on that I need to take care of.  Anyway,  I love blogging so much...especially about things that I love and obsess over but I wish I could blog from my blackberry ...would make life SO much easier :(  Anyway, onto the good stuff....

My friend's birthday weekend was a BLASSSSSSSSSST!   She decided that she wanted to go to Taverna for dinner and then after dinner we took her to the W hotel to celebrate in STYLE.....what a good decision that was!  She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing a killer LBD (little black dress) with J.Simpson electric blue platform pumps in combination with pearl drop chandelier earrings/ pearl cocktail ring.  LOVESSSS.  We had SUCH a fabulous time!! It's nights like these that make me really appreciate the friendships that I have made in Austin...Shout out to Destiny...HAPPY BIRTHDAY doll face!!  Hope you enjoyed your birthday just as much as we did....again, what a BLASSSSST! =)

blouse/ chiffon American Apparel
skinnies/True Religions
clutch/ Arden B
pale pink heels/ ZARA
nailpolish/'Mouse' Am.Apparel

happy birthday wishes !!!!



  1. Thanks diva! The W is always..never been to the one here in Austin but I have in NY...fabulous

  2. but I have now! The one here in Austin is fabulous.