Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tres Chic!

UPDATE:  I got the position! I am now the new assistant stylist of Natalie Ogura.  Very exciting news...!  I haven't posted since Sunday (my apologies) but Monday was Dr. Martin Luther King day and all I did was hang out with my boyfriend, relaxed and watched movies all day.  Perfect, relaxing dvd day. Yesterday, on the other hand was SUPER busy...Had meetings from 8am till 3pm and I was fully caffeinated...believe me...caramel latte in the a.m and caramel frap in the afternoon...sooo it was kinda difficult getting to sleep last night.  I was PUMPED.  I will still be working with Margie from time to time, which is a plus but my job will be assisting Natalie with shoots and commercials.  She said there will probably be some traveling involved with my new job since there will be commercials/shoots on location on the east coast, virgin islands, LA ect.....I defiantly don't mind that since I have family all over the east coast, some on the west coast and I love to travel anyway.  Great chance to visit with family & friends while I'm out there working.  This is going to be a fabulous year...I can already feel it.  Sometimes I miss home and I do want to move back w/ Gabe...but then on the other hand we know that only a bigger and better city w/ more opprotunities awaits going back...only moving forward.  We are SO grateful & blessed for everything that we have.............especially these new finds that I snatched from NEIMANS ha and absolute FAVORITE place to shop....when I have the extra cash flooooow! :D  Neiman Marcus at the Domain was having their last call...and of course Kristina was there rummaging through the racks like a crazy person!  All I can say is TRES CHIC!  I hardly ever find anything at the last call stores but I ALWAYS find amazing pieces at the full line store here in Austin or back home in San Antonio.  Again.....TRES CHIC!

Believe took a lot to get to this point of only choosing 5 pieces.  I kept trying on and taking off.......bringing more in the fitting room...long process. #exhale These caught my attention...Can't really think of anything more fabulous than red leather.....feather tops & and sequins.  I did well.  The next time I will probably have the chance to do some good, quality shopping will be in New York w/ my girls....walking into Top Shop, H&M and Bergdorf will make it worth while to wait.  Until then...I probably won't have any time anyway!  Must get ready to do some research online for a SAKS event that will be coming up soon in early April.  I will be working at the event behind the scene.  Hope you fashion bunnies have a fabulous week.  Happy hour on Friday at a spot called Bar Chi sushi.  Especially excited to see my girlie Bri...been a while since we have seen each other last :) 

Ciao stylistas.


  1. New York!! Concrete Jungle...

  2. Can't wait to see you!!! So long overdue!! Xoxo

  3. @ Tash....yesss...back to NY..cant believe its been 2yrs since I've been last & about 3 or so months since I've seen you. very excited. @ Brionn...VERY excited to see u doll. xox