Friday, January 28, 2011


So after a very busy week of photo shoots and errands with my boss, I ended my week at Eddie V's w/ some girlfriends.  Had a great time chatting it up w/ yummy cocktails and delish items off the menu.  To our surprise, at the end of the evening, we found out that our bill was already taken care of...thanks to a mystery man that said the 3 of us were extremely beautiful and had to take care of our bill for us.  He left before we could even say thank we didn't see who it was.  Well....if your out there...thanks! :)  Anyway, I will be leaving this morning to go back to my hometown for some R&R.  Plan on getting a mani/pedi done at my fave spot back home, Nail Care today, catch up on shows I've missed and relax, RELAX.  I plan on doing brunch w/ one of my besties on Sunday, so I am looking forward to that.  She always puts me in a great mood no matter what.  Love that girl.  Didn't realize how exhausted I am after this week! #exhale.... Hope everyone had a great week and even better weekend. -stina

on the menu:crab cakes/ fried calamari/Mojitos/ Lemon drop martinis
on the menu: Wagyzu beef on hot stones 
bf blazer/Arden b
sheer blouse/LUSH
'skinnies' jeans/ True Religions
peep toes/ Jessica Simpson
clutch/ sequins- vintage

s/n: my camera didn't do so hot last night so I couldn't post all of the pics...but I really like this black and white photo...thank you ladies for a FUN night, many more to come of course as the weather gets warmer...

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