Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Even though we are dead in the middle of winter...the fashion world is already shooting for their spring collections and campaigns...and I'm right there with them!!  I didn't intend on writing a post today because I have quite a bit to do but this will be short and sweet.  I came across some spring goodies that I can't wait to snatch up when the weather gets warmer...

    Stella McCartney
        Classic Falabella Chain Link Tote
            (this is why INTERMIX is my most favorite store!!)

H&M spring 2011 collection.
This top will be mine!!!  So feminine and sexy.  From Yara This chick's got style!

                        Giuseppe Zanotti @ Intermix
                                                      Gold leather Sequined Strappy flats

     Tom Ford  'Nico' 
These are amazing!!! I get most of my sunglasses from SOLSTICE.     

Aldo 'Donilon'

Can't word..PERFECTION. Wedges are my comfortable & street chic...they have a very European look to them which is what I always go for.  New York/European street edge is what I call it.  @ Aldo.

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