Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last minute SUSHI pleeeeease!

I wasn't supposed to be in town this weekend (surprise, surprise) due to a African concert located out of town...BUT since I happened to be back in Austin early, I decided to crash a double date....!!  Got a super last minute text from my friend to join in on their double date at Sushi could I pass up the opportunity to sip on their famous blackberry smash??? (pictured to the left..mmmm!) :)  Our waiter wasn't very attentive (which is pretty unusual for Sushi Zushi) but other then that we had fabulous tasting sushi, cocktails were AMAZE and great conversation.  Not sure why I love sushi SO much..but I do..I either like my sushi fresh/raw or deep extreme to the other, no in between with me!  Some fave sushi spots of mine in Austin would be Sushi Zushi of course...Uchi, Imperia, Kenobi, and Kyoto
Bora Bora roll- spicy
Delicato roll- spicy & fried
Delicato roll- spicy & fried w/ eel sauce

"I think at the beginning, it was more of a chic thing to do for the very rich. But then as sushi was made more available to the general public... the fear factor of it broke down."  ~Sang Woo