Monday, December 20, 2010

GOOD friends...most fashionable accessory!

I feel like posting some pics of me and friends...Living in Austin for the past 2 1/2 years has really taught me that good friends are truly hard to find.  There are always ups and downs in every relationship that you have in life but you know the ones that will stick with you all the way to the finish line.  I am grateful for the friends that I've had in my life for over a decade, the ones that I go to in a split second if something is not right, the ones that I confide in and tell my worries to...but I am also grateful for the new ones that I have made over the past couple of years, the ones that I have had fabulous memories with and the ones that I continue to learn more about each and everyday.  I have always been the type of person that has never had difficulty meeting new people.  I literally have friends all over the world Europe, Africa, east coast, west coast and all over the south.  It has to be my charming personality and outgoing, friendly persona :) ha ha.  Right.  well, what can I say...I'm VERY blessed!!!!!! :)

ps. Christmas in 6 days!??! fA la la la la la LAAAAAA!!!! SO excited :)

Brionn "breezy" & I posing at Jaspers cocktail hr summer 10'.

Watching the game with Sarah "bilson" at Cover 3 fall 10'.

Nicole & I getting ready to hit the town-holiday season 08'.

Couples brunch at Taverna!  Sipping on mimosas with Sarah, Danny & Gabe fall 10'.

Simone & I celebrating daddy's birthday spring 10'.

Summertime! Relaxing with Brionn & Destiny -all smiles :) 10'

Natasha & I being fabulous at Nicole's birthday celebration 07'.

Nicole & I celebrating at Natasha's grad party 08'.

Sarah & I taking a break from dancing at Pamela's bday celebration 10'.

Nicole & I on our way to Fashion Show Mall to go SHOP in VEGASSSS summer 07'.

Dest, Bri & I right after happy hour at 219 winter 10'.

Jam & I posing for her birthday at Kenobi summer 10'.

Natasha & I in downtown Austin, Tx for my birthday spring 06'.

Sarah, Pamela & I at their birthday celebration, having a blast!!! fall 10'.

Dawnie & I at the Riverwalk, sa for dinner fall 10'.

Dawn, Destiny & I at Imperia for dinner fall 10'.

Tiffany & I at my African dinner party winter 10'.

Destiny, Imani & I at Union Park sipping on dirty martinis and cosmos fall 09'.

Destiny, Brionn & I at Gloria's chatting over margaritas summer 10'.

Jennifer "Jen Bunny" and I downtown sa for her birthday celebration 06'.

My homie from middle school! Nate & I downtown Austin, Tx fall 09'.

FAB 5- Nicole, Jessica, Natasha, Jennifer & I during the holiday season causing a riot! 08'.

#1 best friend & love of my life....Gabriel & I at the Riverwalk for dinner fall 10'.


  1. YOU are TOO MUCH my friend! what a wonderful post. Made my night!!

  2. LOVE this post!! This has been a GREAT year! Sooo many good memories!!! XOXO