Monday, December 27, 2010

Closet Confessions: Nicky Hilton.

Who doesn't love Nicky Hilton??  I think she has a great sense of style...Came across this adorable video of her talking about her fave items in her closet.  Enjoy :)

Closet Confessions:  Stina Chic.

Just a couple of my fave items in my personal closet:

Stripped hoodie/American Apparel, Wide heeled pointed toe shoe/ZARA, Motorcycle handbag/Balenciaga, Christian Dior sunglasses/Solstice (this style not sold at all Solstice locations), All black chucks/Converse, 'Julie Lonestar' skinnies/True Religions, Leather jacket/Arden B, two finger ring/Arden B, flip flops/Tory Burch, Downtown LA nail polish/American Apparel, Intermix (75% of my fave items are from INTERMIX), Classic red pumps/Steve Madden, strong shoulder blazer/Arden B, Monogram Idylle Speedy30 w/strap/Louis Vuitton

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