Tuesday, December 21, 2010


New Year's Eve or Old Year's Night is right around the corner...(10 days!) and I am slowly piecing together what my ensemble will be for the evening.  I will be attending an African  party w/ my boyfriend and parents so I'm thrilled!!!  I really want to look fabulous so I'm trying to figure out exactly what I will be wearing: jewelry, make- up, shoes on and on.  I'll go ahead and post my jewelry and some make- up ideas.  It is coming together...the dress and shoes are perfect but I won't post that until after the party for the finished look.  I'm excited.  Last year my boyfriend and I had a very chill NYE but this year we intend on ending the year with a BANG!  We have been through quite a lot this year, so we intend on partying until the sun comes up...African style :) Snap shots below.


I decided to go with these drop chandelier earrings, 2 finger ring and serpent ring by Betsy Johnson.  Gold, gold GOLD!!!!  You will probably never see me wearing silver...and if I do it's very rare.  I adore gold...very chic and sophisticated.  I want a elegant, classy look for the night. 

Make- up:

Lipstick/MAC Ruby Woo; Slimshine stick/MAC Urgent; Bronzer/MAC Shooting Star; Blush/MAC Rasin; Lip liner/Jordana Hot Pepper.

I usually do the very minimum when it comes to make-up, not because I don't like it, but because it's just a hassle for me to do it!!  My mom always said less is more...but in some cases, you have to do a little more than the usual to feel that 'glitz and glam' look!  For me, as long as my lashes are done and I have powder and gloss I am good to go on a daily basis.  For NYE I want to step up my game a bit and do a red lip because I think that would be appropriate for the occasion.  Brows is also a MUST...I'm obsessed with keeping my eyebrows done and well kept because they are naturally VERY bushy and must be waxed every 2 weeks to avoid looking like a bushy animal.  A great place to get waxed up & to have lashes done would be Heavenly Hair.  They do an amazing job.  For simple eyelash enhancers you can try MAC.  They come out super pretty.  The lashes that I've used in the past are MAC 43 lash when I don't have the extra cash laying around to do my lash extensions at the salon.

My make-up would look something like this below:  Lord knows I'm NOT a make-up artist!  My little sister is very good at make-up and one of  my best friends is a freelance make-up artist, so I try to look at how they apply their make-up when getting ready for events, socials and other activities. 

So my dress & heels have been picked!  I may throw over some leather depending on the temp for the evening...that will complete my look for NYE 10'.  PUMPED!!! :)

Leather Seamed Jacket/ARDEN B.


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