Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BOYS who can BOUNCE.

Not a reality show??? I'm pumped! A scripted show that I can get into and enjoy...Gossip girl is my new guilty pleasure...and sure, I'm a little late but I went ahead and got the seasons so that I can catch up with these upper east siders!  I LOVE this show and it only gets better and better as I pop in each DVD after the other...the secrets, love triangles, high fashion and scandals have me HOOKED....the notorious blogger that has the juiciest gossip....but who is she?? we may never know...but she is known as Gossip Girl...

Right now I am on the second season and it's senior year where it looks like the drama is starting to unfold!  I must say that the guys on this show are gorgeous and they have me tuned in 100%, not to mention their style is impeccable...I love Chuck (Ed Westwick) because he's the guy that everyone loves to hate...he's got this sexy, bad boy, "I'm a jerk off, but I'm rich so it doesn't matter" attitude that keeps me watching (yes, Chuck is my favorite)!  Dan (Penn Badgley) is the guy that you want to go to and confide in because he's the guy next door that you know would try his hardest not to judge you...he's so humble and comes from humble beginnings that he's the easiest to relate to.  Ohhh Nate (Chace Crawford) the typical troubled, but gorgeous rich guy that you think has everything under control, but really is dying inside wishing that someone would rescue him from a life that he never asked for...this show is genius.

ugh. SUPER hot.

the boys of GG ...

As Gossip Girl says...'you know you love me'...

xo xo


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