Sunday, November 7, 2010

strong shoulders vs. the is IN..the other is OUT!

I recently received a request to post about the shoulder pad look that was extremely popular on many designer runways last year.........well ladies, it's back for fall, but NOT as exaggerated!  I fell in love with the strong shoulders but was not a huge fan of the exaggerated shoulders trend. (YUCK).  I just didn't feel that it was practical for the everyday, working lady.  Here are some examples of whats HOTTT....and yes...whats NOT:

Rihanna looks super sexy in her blazer with strong shoulders and mini.... 
Unfortunately, Rihanna fell flat with this look...her exaggerated shoulders look very ODD. This look on her is not all.  Still such a pretty face though...

Pictured above:  Stina's FAVES are Mary Kate Olsen & Kate Moss's blazers......perfection!

blazer/Arden b
tank/James Perse

Very comfortable, chic and minimal.  For me, less is more!

Arden B. strong shoulder blazer

I sew very well, so often times I add shoulder pads to tops, blazers ect.( if I didn't already buy the garment that way)...just to give it a little more POW!  You can pick up shoulder pads at any stores such as Target. 

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