Sunday, November 28, 2010

SANTA baby......

hurry down the chimney TONIGHT!!!

Now that Christmas is officially 27 days away, I felt that it would be appropriate to post my Christmas wish list!  I have been keeping a keen eye on this camera for a while now and would be SO happy if I could get this for Christmas :) The Nikon D3000 ....isn't she a beauty???  Taking photos is one of my favorite hobbies in the world...if I wasn't styling I would be a photographer because it is my second love and passion in life.  Now if for some crazy reason I don't get this camera for Christmas, then I will opt for my 2nd choice:

the "red snobs" as I call them:

Christian Louboutin Lace-up leopard booties...perfect addition to my spring wardrobe for next year.  Crazy thing is...I really hope I get the Nikon, that's what I really, really want...but I wouldn't be devastated if I got the Louboutins...

Happy Holidays!!!

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