Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ROLL WITH: faShionable friendS...its muy importante!!

UGGGGGhhhH! Talk about a front row full of gliz, glam and gorgeousnesssss!  This pic is a little old but this is the first time that I am seeing it! shhhhheeesssh! .......Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian (not a really huge fan, BUT she looked super stylish lol), Ciara and Kelly Rowland (my FAVE) front row at the Tracy Reece spring fashion show 2010.  I NEEDED to post this pic because the ladies looked flawless...! SO pretty....not to mention Ms Union's closed- toed booties are ON POINT. Love, love...LOVE IT!  Kelly, I want and adore her hat....Ciara, breath-taking as always && I love your nude Louboutins....and Kim, I must say this hot pink, leopard number is sooo bad...she  KILLED it, shut it down && knocked it OUT the park w/ her outfit.  They SO inspire me...............now I'm off to go buy some lace, leather && furrrr! The weather is sooo beautfiullll today....high is 55 deg right now...purrrrrfect november weather. xo

  As the famous Lauren Conrad said: "True friends don't let friends dress poorly".  I must agree.

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