Monday, November 15, 2010

Olivia Palermo...MEGA Stylista!

New York's "it girl", most 'hated on', pretty-faced, BEST dressed socialite....better known as Olivia Palermo. You may remember her from the cast of "The City" (now cancelled) or as the pain in the butt to Erin and Whitney on the reality show (again, The City)....but despite what YOU....or anyone for that matter may think about her......OR her attitude...Olivia has killer style that no one can keep up with these days! What inspired me to write about Olivia of all people????  Well...........I seem to constantly come across her tailored, lady like, impeccable style receiving praises from fashion critics all over the world for best dressed and all around chic presence. Not only does she have a stunning face, but she is best known for her one of a kind accessories (that she picks out on her own) that have been featured in magazines such as ELLE, UK Vogue and popular, fashion based website known as whowhatwear just to name a few. Pretty much, Olivia is the uptown New Yorker that you secretly want to be.......I'm pretty sure her closet is overflowing with Diane von Furstenberg, Bensoni, and Yves St. Laurent designer duds....not to mention I do remember her stating on The City that she received her first pair of Manolos at age 14! Hey.......I'm not hatin'!!! Keep it coming Olivia...we ADORE your style!!!

Can't get enough of Olivia and her amazing style choices??? Then check out my most favorite website on WHOWHATWEAR where Olivia was featured Girl of The Month last year.  Yes, she is on a completely different level.  Forget reality tv.....she's a MEGA STYLISTA!....the girl we love to HATE on...for all the right reasons!!!


  1. Love her style! So cute that she loves ping pong. =D

  2. Love how she maintains her elegant and sophisticated style, never lacking!

  3. Sooo adorable that she loves ping pong...showed a very soft, playful side to her! ...@ Abigail shes super sophisticated. Even the way she talks is very her.