Thursday, November 11, 2010

F is for FAKE.....!!!

[photo taken by stina chic at Louis Vuitton- The Domain Austin, TX]

Jessica Simpson at LAX...shes very comfy yet stylish.  Lovess her. (no matter what they say)

Early this morning I was reading articles on as usual and came across a very interesting article titled: "How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton"...and of course it immediately caught my attention.  To my surprise counterfeiting is a $600 BILLION dollar industry........are you joking!????....$600 billion!!? INSANE....!  Just recently, FENDI won a $10.5 million settlement against Berlington Coat Factory because....YES, they were selling fake FENDI handbags to their customers.  Whoever thought that you could buy a FENDI handbag at Berlingtons is beyond me!!  A joke.  Louis Vuitton has also sued ebay and Google for selling knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags.  (hmmm...shocker.)  I defiantly have to agree that counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags (or any designer handbags for that matter) ruin the image of the luxury brand.  When I'm walking around the mall and I see homboy selling "Louis Vuitton" handbags at his vendor.....I mean...that has to be one of my worst pet peeves ever.  It annoys me to no end!  My rule of thumb for designer handbags....especially Louis Vuittons is...If you can't afford it, leave it be!  No big deal.  Why sport a fake? It's kind of embarrassing, but that's just my opinion.  Fake=Fake....I'm just sayin....ICK FACTOR.  :( 

ps. sorry if my post today offends anyone...but its the facts! Thanks!

Tips on how to spot a fake from Forbes:

- If any camel-colored handles are not painted red at the seams.
- If the zippers not stamped with the Vuitton logo or insignia.
- If the bag has oval “O’s”. Real Louis Vuitton type font has very circular, almost perfectly round, Os.
- If the seams are not matched up evenly on the sides of the bag or if the LV logo is broken along any seam or cut.
- If certain bags have suede lining–not all do.
- If the trunk or bag is emblazoned with something other than the five standard (or variations of the five standard–see: Richard Prince) Vuitton monograms: the gray Trianon canvas (patented in 1854), the red and beige vertical-striped canvas (1872), the beige and darker beige monochrome striped canvas (1876), the Damier canvas (1888), and the Monogram canvas (interlocking LVs, diamond points, starts and Kimono-inspired quatrefoil flowers patented in 1896). If they have something else on them, they’re not legit.
- If the bag has uneven or irregular stitching. All Vuitton bags have exactly straight, exactly even stitching. On handle tabs, each portion of the tab will have the same amount of stitches as its corresponding tab on the other side of the bag. Count them out if you have to–five stitches across the top of one handle require five stitches across the other.
Most importantly, use common sense. These are expensive bags–they should look expensive. Cheap-looking leather (or pleather) that isn’t soft and well-worn, frayed seams and discolored linings all add up to a fake bag.

V-neck tee/James Perse
skinnies/True Religions
handbag/Louis Vuitton Speedy 30-sepia
red hamsa bracelet/Kitson/Los Angeles

....a fabulous gift that I received this year. 

a little glimpse...inside my closet...

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