Thursday, October 14, 2010

sushi nite w/ the ladies...thank you IMPERIA!

Tonight was fun....we ended up going to IMPERIA which is one of my favorite sushi spots in Austin.  I ordered the 10 Treasures bowl which I love.  Great spot, chill atmosphere...nice ambiance.  I couldn't help but think about my boyfriend at dinner because this is one of our favorite restaurants to go to together and this was the restaurant that he took me for our first Valentines day (night) together :)  A night I'll never forget.  Below are the homies: tiff, dawnie && dest. Thanks ladies for a fun time :)

Tonight I decided to step out fabulous!

thigh high boots/MISS ME
handbag/Peyton's Place

Peyton's Place is known for their designer duds and trendy accessories!  I've actually had that handbag for a couple years now and its one of my favorites.  Snatched it up on a shopping trip with my best friend Nic on my birthday in 2007...some of the best times of my life :) miss her...

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