Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stylist's Picks: Fall Accessories!

whowhatwear is always updating their site daily to keep fashionistas in check on up and coming trends and classics that will always be in style. I love it!  Below are some of MY fall accessories that I can't live without this season.  I only wanted to pick a few that I seem to always want to grab for.  Remember: daylight savings time on Nov 7!  Texas is ready for the cool weather to finally kick in....(or at least I am) our summer was pretty brutal this year....ouch! Time to get cozy and enjoy the holiday season coming up....

Click on the picture that I put together (and click again to enlarge) to see where I picked up my top FAVE items for the fall season!  

Ps. && fYi:  Just in case you were wondering--I get all of my fashion reads from Borders at the Domain.  They have a great selection from the UK Bazaar magazines to VOGUE Fashion by Linda Watson.  It's a great way to keep up with the fashion world and stay inform with up coming trends for the seasons to come.  Stay gorgeous & fabuloussss.

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