Saturday, October 2, 2010

red wine, Italian fOOd && friends...what more do I need??

tonight was SO much fun!!  SO happy to be home and away from the hectic city of Austin.  I got to relax, relax, and RELAX....!!!  I headed to Lucianos by the riverwalk for dinner w/ good friends of mine and my boyfriend.  I was happy to just have a night off to just socialize and catch up with my buddies that I have NOT seen in a while...Here are some cool snap shots of my boyfriend by the river and pics of our friends.  The weather was purrrrfect! :)

button up shirt/Calvin Klein
jeans/True Religions "Ricky"

sequin clutch/vintage

oversized button up sweater/Majestic Paris
jeans/True Religions

ps. If  you have NOT been to SHOULD! such great Italian food (my FAV).  For dinner I had penne pasta tossed in a spicy fresh tomato marinara sauce with basil and herbs and a glass of Lambrusco.  :)

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