Sunday, October 31, 2010


A friend of mine stopped by on friday to swap magazines with me :)  I handed off my precious ELLE copies and THANK GOD she handed me her copy of InStyle.  I must say that InStyle made me proud for the month of Nov.  The gorgeous Rachel McAdams graced the cover and they couldn't have chosen a better cover girl for this season.  She is such a pretty face!....not to mention her fashion sense is very minimal but super classy which is why I absolutely adore her.  She doesn't push fashion boundaries as such but for me, simplicity works for her.  She is effortlessly beautiful and does not have to do much at all....a natural beauty (sigh)....She is the all American girl with grace but still has a touch of sex appeal to her!  LOVE Rachel McAdams.

I really liked this issue because it featured really good articles about how to decorate your home, apply your make up for the holiday season and the most popular fashion trends right now.  Of course sequins jackets made the cut.....speaking of which there is one I have my eye on right about now which I am dying to add to my wardrobe. PLEASE???

Another section of Instyle that caught my eye was the Best of the Web 2010 article.  It discussed different fashion sites to go to when it comes to shopping, shopping, AND MORE SHOPPING!  Some sites that were featured were, (which is one of my personal favorites), , and just to name a few.  It also talked about how to save money online in these hard economical times, websites featuring beauty secrets and flirty fragrances, home decor (FAVE), and entertainment of course. (There was so much more they covered, but I was not about to name them all!!) 

I must say that the article on CUFFS was my favorite!!! I LOVE cuffs and I really do wear them all the time.  They are just SO fun and look fabulous with any outfit whether you are in the mood to dress it up or down for the evening.  Pictured below are some random cuffs that I found nice to look at!  Yes, I'm in LUST with cuffs! I'm also all about stacking them on top of each other for that high fashion/edgy effect.


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