Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IMAN: God bless Africa!

I came across this video of Fashion Icon, supermodel IMAN and was so touched! To be a woman of African decent, this interview really moved me. Both of my parents were born in Nigeria, so I am 100% African and very proud! For many years growing up it was difficult being "different" in America, even though I was born and raised in London, England and in Germany, I have a citizenship of the US, I just knew that I was different from a lot of the other kids because that is how they made me feel.  At times it was a struggle because I looked different, I was very thin and tall with darker toned skin, had an unusual name from everyone else and was often made fun of because of it. I began to feel more comfortable in my skin as I reached adulthood, entering my early 20's. My first visit to Africa was in 2000 and when I stepped foot on African soil I felt this sense of pride and joy. At times, it still shocking that there isn't a day that goes by that my sister and I don't hear compliments of how beautiful we are, how exotic and different our features are, how beautiful our skin is or how tall and elegant we look.  I never thought as a child that I would grow up to be a woman that people looked at as beautiful.  Icons such as IMAN give me the feeling of JOY....proving to America that you don't have to be the typical blond haired, blue eyed girl next door to make a difference.  I have always looked at IMAN as a woman that is not only beautiful on the outside, but gorgeous on the inside.  She is touching lives and making a difference.  Africa has a lot of problems, there is no doubt about that...but it is also a beautiful land of great potential.  It takes people like her to really make a difference, not giving up on this prosperous land.

IMAN, thank you! Thank you for loving Africa as much as you do. Thank you for making us fellow Africans proud of what you stand for. God bless Africa!

Above is a photo of my sister and my dad from this year having a great time at a family friend's African party!  Us Africans.....we know how to party, EAT and have a great time!!!  My dad is wearing traditional clothing, which I adore.  This picture is beautifulllllll! 

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