Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HOUSE OF GLAM ---> "They make STARS look like STARS" guilty pleasure!

OK. so House of Glam....I'm all about it. A friend of mine reminded me to take a look at this show...pretty entertaining, probably because this is the industry that I am breaking into. It would be a dream of mine to one day style celebs, but like everyone else, I have to work from the bottom up, and I'm ok with that! .......Real talk for a sec, "the STYLE diva" is my FAV! I already know! I love her attitude and how much she knows to think outside the box with her fashion visions...especially when working with celebrities. Her attitude is a bit funky, but I like it.  I loved the statement that she made on episode 2 saying "Everybody and they momma is saying they are a stylist now"!...ugh, so true.  JUST BECAUSE YOU WORK RETAIL, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A STYLIST....THERE IS A LOT MORE TO STYLING THAN THAT.  Ok. now that I have cleared that up.....this show better last more than one season........but IDK...???

THUMBS UP to House of Glam! loves it.

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